Wander and Linger

As I wandered this new place,
I felt the life that lingered there.
And as I lingered there,
My mind began to wander,
And I wondered –
What makes life linger in this place
and makes me want to wander?


Here the San Juan wanders through
mesas that have lingered here for years.
Their forms that linger, testaments
to the wanderings of those waters.
Water that wanders like blood
through these lingering veins.
As the water wanders,
trout linger.
As the water wanders,
silt lingers.
And little wisps of life can linger,
hopeful that winter will wander away soon.




Little fingers wander off
and linger in tiny streams along the canyon.
Their prints that linger, oases
for the life that wanders beyond the river.
Fingers that wander like maps
to the sustenance that lingers.
As the fingers wander,
water lingers.
As the fingers wander,
plants linger.
And little creatures can wander through
and linger among the bounty.

DSC_5910 (3)DSC_5912



Massive boulders linger
where the canyon wanders through.
They linger where they fall, memories
to the wanderings of the elements.
Boulders that linger like bones
whose flesh has wandered off.
As the winds wander,
holes linger.
As the water wanders,
crevices linger.
And I lingered in these spaces,
and let the moments wander by.




The Navajo once lingered here,
as far North as they wandered.
Their house that lingers, a suggestion
that the Ute sent them wandering again.
A house that lingers like a beached ship
among their wandering spirits.
As the Navajo wandered,
tradition lingered.
As the Navajo wandered,
their soul lingered.
And I wandered among their ruins
and admired their lingering views.

DSC_6026DSC_6034Simon_Ruin_DetailDSC_6036DSC_6055 (2)

As I wandered this new place,
I felt the life that lingered there.
And as I lingered there,
My mind began to wander,
And I wondered –
Is it the lingering life that keeps this place alive?
Or the lives that wander through?



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12 thoughts on “Wander and Linger

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  1. That notebook at the end was fun to see. Laughed at the “i said yes”
    Enjoyed the photography And your interplay with words was a delight – linger, wonder, wander- with the past and present – etc
    So nice 😉

    1. Thank you so much! I had fun with those two words. And yes, I loved seeing the “I said yes” and a whole notebook of people who had wandered through. What better testament to the beauty of this place than to propose there?

  2. What a beautiful poem, Lindsay, and so evocative. And such stunning photographs – I love snow scenes. I can see why you’ve chosen the path of nature. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and spending so much time! Thank you also for the comments! I appreciate them. It’s funny, we’ve been to Navajo Lake a few times this winter. It is stunning with the snow. And we keep saying – I wonder what it will look like without snow!

      1. You’re welcome. Your site is excellent. I think you’ve made a great life choice and I look forward to learning all about it.

    1. Thank you so much for spending so much time visiting! And I appreciate your comments! I feel very thankful to you! Maybe it is the people that wander through that keep a seat alive!!!! 🙂

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