The Perfect Seat

In honor of XingfuMama’s Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge: Week 10…


Have you ever pondered
the perfection of a seat?
How a seat can be the
perfect fit for when you
want to leave your feet?

Beach seats often take
happy colors to the max.
They’re inclined to recline
and invite you to relax.

Movie seats are rich and plush
just like Hollywood,
and let you settle in and watch
like the actors think you should.

Toilet seats are made
for an ergonomic fit.
(I’ll leave this last line open
and you can finish-it.)

Camping seats sit low
and bring you closer to the fire,
and are light enough to carry
so the miles don’t make you tire.

Graveside seats are stark and
and are often made of stone,
and offer lasting places to
commune with those we’ve known.

But my favorite seats right now
are the ones among the trees.
The ones that celebrate the views
and savor a good breeze.
The ones where you can have a meal
with family or a friend.
The ones that make you giddy
for the time you get to spend.
And I love these seats for staying ready
even in the snow,
sitting strong despite the storms and
the freezing winds that blow.
For Nature’s always acting
and I think these park seats know
that they present the perfect place
to sit and watch the show.

DSC_6184DSC_6209 (2)DSC_6191DSC_6204DSC_6210DSC_6199DSC_6220DSC_6186 (2)DSC_6212DSC_6230DSC_6202


Do you know of a perfect seat? I’d love to hear about it! Share some words, link a photo, link a post. I heart conversations! Scroll down to leave a comment!

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  1. I love this poem – entertaining, amazing and even poignant – all in one. Well done, Lindsay! And those photos are so beautiful! I so love to see some snow. They have placed those seats and benches so well – discreet and quiet locations, and all with great views. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into that. A really well-crafted verse, and thanks for posting so we can all enjoy it. 🙂

  2. I echo Alli’s words – a lovely poem, both poignant and very funny. I’m not going to finish the toilet seat as its rude 😀
    Your photo’s are excellent and really give a feel for the place (and I love the snow!) I like the fact that you don’t do much editing (as you mentioned on your intro page). I agree with this and asides from the odd bit of cropping generally like to get it right ‘in camera’ too.
    Good Stuff!

  3. Thanks Alli! We’ve been walking through this park the past few days. That day, it was overcast and suddenly those tables seemed extra lovely sitting deep in the snow and the clouds gave them a stoic, solitary feel that I liked. It was cool taking the photos, because I got to see each view more closely. I do believe that whoever placed those tables loves this area as much as I. Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate them. And thanks, as always, for spending time.

  4. Well I think you have some of the best seat posts – but I guess that ic is I love your writing (you know I am a new fan)
    And I don’t have the perfect seat yet –

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