I’m a Foxy Lady!

As the equinox drew closer
the days grew long
we changed our clocks
and had an unexpected visit
from a fox.


Now out here in the boondocks
it’s not unorthodox
to see all walks
of life go by.

We see hawks and deer
and flocks of geese
and loads of chickadees
and snowshoe hares in their
frocks of winter white.

But you don’t know
what shocks is
until you see two foxes
scrambling in their socks
upon your rocks!


The jukebox in my mind
had them hunting to the time
of Bach’s suite for cello 1 in G
and they looked pretty as peacocks
as they bounded in their locks
of orange and grey.


And these foxes got some gawks
some jeering and some mocks
from the magpies’
talks of protests
in the form of squawks.

But the foxes showed
no balks
and it was a paradox
to see them so disinterested
in a bird
it often stalks.

For the foxes
thought outside the box
and ate the seed
upon the rocks
put there for the flocks
because they know to
seize a moment
when it knocks!

But when magpies
meet such blocks
it lights a tinderbox
and as if to cast a pox
and not to be outfoxed
a magpie hopped right up
and pecked the fox
on his buttocks!

DSC_7074DSC_7054DSC_7058 (2)

And as quickly as two tocks
from the tail of an ox
the fox
with partner close behind
walks away.

Today if I had stocks
in the vox of a fox
I’d say he chalks this
as a mission with the
same doomed knocks
as Fawkes.

But I find myself
by the moxie of a fox
and like with lucky shamrocks
I’ll keep this magic moment
in my jewel box.



Have you had an unexpected encounter with a creature in the wild? Tell us about it! Scroll down to share your story or a link to a post!

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29 thoughts on “I’m a Foxy Lady!

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      1. I enjoyed this immensely – and your gift with chi is words made the read fun – the rhymes – the flow

        And the foxes are gorgeous –
        Their full tails and bits of orange and your different shots of them.

        I do not have an unexpected guest story to share (or post to link at this time) but did want to add a note about how bold those magpies were.
        My second real experience with birds was in Denver when the magpies were in the yard – annoying and rude. My husband’s grandparents warned us about magpies and squirrels in our dense tree neighborhood and they were right -until we got our first set of two dogs (a Lab and a chow-collie mix) and those dogs kept magpies and squirrels out

      2. First, thank you so much for spending time with my posts. I appreciate that.
        Now – lol. Foxes they’re ok with, but labs and chow-collies… no thank you. That’s pretty funny. Thank you for sharing… it kind of brought all the creatures mentioned here into full circle. I’d never seen a magpie until we got to New Mexico. I googled them and found that they do have quite the reputation for being rowdy. And there are some pretty funny superstitions about them across the pond. Thank you! 🙂

      3. And I had to laugh when you said the magpie but the fox in the behind – and all of your photos helped us get A feel for the Fox visit and seed devouring

  1. Wow, Lindsay, another fine poem! How do you do it? I’m amazed how many ‘ox’ sounds you managed to find to make the verse sound so great and flow so well. They look absolutely adorable! If I’d had visitors like that I’d have sat transfixed, watching them intently for as long as they deigned to be in my garden. Being visited by them must have felt a true honour. I do remember a few encounters myself, one in particular with – nothing as exotic as that I’m afraid – a squirrel in a rural park. I was sitting on a bench eating a bar of chocolate and minding my own business when I felt two little weights on my lap. I looked down to see a squirrel with it’s front paws on my leg, looking up at me expectantly. I was so surprised at the boldness of this little person that I failed to put up any resistance when he grabbed my last chunk of chocolate and made off with it! He then had the audacity to sit on a branch nearby, holding what was to him a tombstone of a treat, and gnawed through it like lightning. It made my day… Thanks for sharing your special encounter with your gorgeous visitors.

    1. That is a great story! I can imagine how neat it was to feel the weight of those two little feet and can see him sitting there scarfing down his treat with glee. I love squirrels. They have so much charm. Thank you for sharing that magic moment! And thank you for the comment. Seeing those foxes made my day! I loved seeing the two of them together. So sweet.

    1. Thank you! I was in the perfect spot where they didn’t know I was there. I was very lucky! Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read and comment! I appreciate it!

    1. Oh my goodness, Ana! For some reason this comment went to my spam and I missed it! I’m so sorry! I always like seeing you stop by and I truly appreciate your words! Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  2. Oh how wonderful – a magical moment indeed. They are both absolutely beautiful – and brave Mr Magpie! Yours words just add to this and make it even more special – a real Thursday morning treat 🙂

    1. First I have to say I am so very sorry! I just now realized I had some comments in my spam folder and I missed your lovely comment!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave such kind words! It was truly a magic moment and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

  3. Very cute! I don’t know what relation they are to the foxes in Europe but they do seem to have much shorter legs. Anyway – lovely poem too.

    I’ve had many a strange brush with wildlife over the years. The oddest was years ago when I was loading up the car to go on holiday. I could hear a young Grey Squirrel calling in the trees, and then next thing I know it ran up the road towards me and then sat on my foot, and then ran up my leg and started to shout at me. It was obviously asking for help and was quite happy for me to pick it up and sit on my open hand – whereby I walked back into the house with it to show Alli and our daughter – who was sat in her highchair having lunch. They were amazed. We gave it some peanuts from the bird feeder and took it to a friend of ours that ran a wildlife rescue sanctuary.

    1. Thank you, Stuart! I thought their legs a bit on the short side as well! And I loved your story. Hilarious and heart-tuggingly sweet at the same time. I’m beginning to think your squirrels are a bit feistier there than over here. lol. Thank you for that! That’s a pretty great encounter. Thank you for the visit!

  4. I like this one, may be because due to my surname, my nickname is Ox. If the reference to Fawkes is the same Guy that I think it is, I visited his house last year.
    You can keep the pun😊

  5. You seem to have nicer foxes than the ones that come in my garden, you wouldn’t want to frolick with those.
    I’m afraid Guy Fawkes house is now a hotel, but the city of York is wonderful, steeped in history. I will be there again next week, I might bore you with a travel blog😊

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