14 Reasons Why

Dear Snow,

Before you go,

I want to thank you:

For promoting the value of seeing the world in shades of grey


For teaching me the fundamentals through abstraction


For affirming the world is a wonderland


For encouraging me to see things differently


For celebrating the hot passion for life


For reminding me I’m not the only one

For wowing me with survival skills

DSC_4617 (2)

For allowing me to know the perks of the beaten path

For showing me the benefits of walking in someone else’s footsteps

And also the thrill of the path less traveled


For giving me a new appreciation for the warmth of the sun

DSC_5359 (2)

And for the virtue of patience


For inspiring me to embrace the season


And the wonderments of life

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you




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      1. Thank you. I’m trying to process all the crap that is coming out in the aftermath of Friday’s massacre. Some victim-blaming going on, and people scrabbling to deny the inherent racism in this country. Trying to focus on kindness, but struggling to put things into words.
        I really appreciate you asking.

      2. We’ve certainly been thinking about you. Sometimes I feel as though the aftermath can be just as damaging. Death by a thousand cuts. I understand your struggle with words. I think there’s a good bit of shock and depression when you’re in the middle of something like that. Your mind and your heart need some TLC. You know the truth of it all and have a firm grasp of where the hatred comes from. Often understanding can be a pretty good salve. And then your words can help teach others when you’re ready. Take care of you. Spend time in love and kindness. ❤️

  1. The two birds and the one with head in snow – omg – thanks for the nice chuckle
    With that
    – the crunch of the icy snow in video one made me realize my volume was up a bit high – lol
    And so much to soak up
    In the awesome photos and words

    1. lol, right? Right after he dipped his head, he bathed in the snow like it was water and then appeared to feed the other a snow cone! Too funny. I have to say, we’re going to miss the white stuff. Thank you!!!

      1. I am going to miss the snow too – and we really did not get enough of it – I am in Central Virginia (and we came here for mild winters) but some years I did not get enough snow – especially as we have not gone to ski in a few years (next year for sure)

  2. I really like this post, lovely thoughts and stunning photography – you’ve really captured the beauty of snow wonderfully. I do like those video clips too – as I’ve said before, they really add something!

    Great stuff!

  3. That is a moving and beautiful 14 reasons why for snow. You have taught use how to things differently and be appreciative. Thank you for this beautiful post, Lindsay!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to the white stuff, Lindsay! Beautiful writing, as ever, and an inspiring list of things to be thankful to the snow for. It puts a new slant on it entirely. I love the concept of walking in someone else’s footsteps, and you can literally do this in snow. I have to admit I do like winter and all it’s wonders, but we don’t get much of this where we are. Snow scenes in photographs take a lot of beating, and yours are no exception – they’re stunning, and I love the little films which add another dimension altogether – walking through snow has it’s own very distinctive sound, doesn’t it? It reminds us that nature can appeal to all the senses, it’s not just for our eyes. And I love the pic of you looking so thrilled and enjoying it while it lasts. Fantastic! It’s made me wish for a bit more before the weather warms up… Thanks for sharing – another brilliant post. 🙂

    1. That is so true! That crunching sound made us feel like we were really out in it- seeing the wide white expanse, feeling it cold on our pants, and hearing it – made us feel a bit wild! And that was cool! We put our boots and snowshoes away yesterday. We were a bit sad!! Oh well…. on to Spring. I’m sure we’ll be saying the same thing about it in a few months!!! Thank you again for reading and your interested responses!

  5. Oh, thank you for sharing these beautiful snow photos. I am only grudgingly appreciative of the beauty of snow, especially in March. I am ready for the splashy, colorful beauty of spring flowers.

  6. Oh – such a lovely post. I am a bit obsessed with snow. You walk in the snowshoes and hearing the crunch was like music to my ears. I long to see snow again. And where I live, it is impossible. I have to travel.Thanks ever so much for sharing.

    1. I share your love of snow! We lived in tropical areas for a long time and never had real snow. So this winter was great! Isn’t that crunch of snow awesome! Sounds like adventure! I’m so happy you enjoyed this ode to snow! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

      1. I can see you can relate to my feeling for snow. We have tropical backgrounds in common then. Folks think I am crazy to visit Scandinavia and Iceland in winter but it is sooo nice at that time of year. Yes I feel the cold but I do like it.

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