The Greatest Show on Earth

Mother Nature put away her winter blanket,
and gently roused her children from their bed.
She brightened up the place with shades of blue
and carpeted the entryway in red.

DSC_7315 (2)

To get the spotlight focused on the stage,
She halved the time in equal parts of night and day.
The barkers plead attendance.
The orchestra took flight.
And the greatest show on Earth got underway.

The nosebleed seats are for special VIPs
so they can soar above all the acts below.
But most tickets were general admission,
with seats for different aspects of the show.

One seat let you marvel at the strongmen,
who were lead-ins for the acrobatic flow.

DSC_7310 (2)DSC_7309

One seat let you mingle with the stars,
who had their prints enshrined on glory row.


One seat let you critique the art of potters
and wonder when they’ll come back again to throw.


But we ate our refreshments in the gallery,
where we could see the bristles that the bearded ladies grow.

DSC_7385 (2)DSC_7363 (2)

Then we wandered to the fringes of the midway,
where the hustle and the bustle didn’t reach,
where the wise and salty bushes of the canyon
had a magic little secret they could teach.

They had life hidden in their branches.
Tiny midges growing deep inside a gall.
And of the many spectacles we saw that day,
This silent limbo was the most impressive of them all.


Each midge forms a special friendship
with the plant that incubates its young.
The baby’s hormones cause the growth
that feeds it and protects it till it’s sprung.

So when you see a willow with a pine cone,
or a saltbush with cotton running rife,
Know that what you witness is a bug
that has achieved a wonderment of life.


Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your time!

© 2019 Lindsay Sears @ All Rights Reserved

21 thoughts on “The Greatest Show on Earth

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    1. Thanks Manja! Those dogs belonged to a couple enjoying out enjoying the day. They let the dogs run loose and they looked so beautiful running the shoreline. So happy. The littlest dog actually fell in the water and dog-paddled against the current for a bit until he found his footing and got back out. He didn’t very upset it though. Shook it off and went right back to running around with his friend! Thanks for the visit! Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you Amy! It was a great way to spend the first day of Spring. Until that day, there was still snow on the ground and some chilly days. But that day was brilliant. It really did feel like a Spring show!

  1. Wow, Lindsay, you’ve created a wonderful tribute to mother nature in verse here, and I’ve loved reading through it and looking at your beautiful pictures. Your observations are clever, profound and insightful, and through them I can appreciate all you saw on that stunning spring day, lost in the beauty and peace of nature. Oh to enjoy a day like that! But at least I can do it vicariously through you, and I’m thankful that I found your outstanding blog and that I can in some way feel a part of your glorious world. Thanks, as ever, for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Alli. I thought I wasn’t going to get over my little love affair with snow, but that was a pretty magical day! lol. I felt so inspired by all these cool signs of life and the feeling that the whole place was buzzing with excitement. It all made me feel like I was truly at some great performance, so it was fun to try to have fun and be creative with it. I’m thrilled to share! (Although I do hope you have some nice days come your way!) Your comments always feel like a great, comforting hug. So thank you!

      1. You’re welcome, Lindsay, as always. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your life in the wild, and walking with you through your wonderful corner of nature and it’s ever changing landscape. I’m off on a 10 mile walk today, but it won’t be through scenery as breathtaking as yours! Still, the history is great, so that helps. I’ll lose myself in that instead. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Spring. 🙂

  2. Wow! You’re a poet too! Loved this poem and the accompanying photos. I get spring fever so badly every year at this time. I am always looking for signs of spring’s arrival.

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! I did enjoy writing about this day from the “circus” point of view! Spring here seemed to come like a snap of a finger! Snow one day and a Spring extravaganza the next! I appreciate your comment!

    1. My pleasure! Those dogs were a blast to watch. They’ve received a lot of comments, too, which is funny considering I was sheepishly recording them when the one fell in. I felt like I should go into rescue mode or something – but like an impersonal journalist I just kept right on filming. lol. It was all fine in the end…

  3. Another lovely and thoughtful post. Superb pictures as always and wonderful words to match. There’re lots of signs of spring everywhere at the moment and it’s great to see it, AND hear it – there’s a LOT of birdsong out there at the moment.
    I love the dog video – very random!

    1. Thank you Stuart! I love that you mention seeing AND hearing the sounds of spring! That is so true!! There are some little juncos around here at the moment. In the mornings they sit at the tops of the trees and sing the most beautiful song! Such a great noise from such a tiny bird! It is pretty magical, isn’t it? Thank you for your time and your comment!

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